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About Us

My name is Krishna Nath. I am from West Bengal, India.

I am an English Graduate and doing an M.A. in English.

By profession, I am doing online business through my website by providing valuable tips and tricks of WordPress themes, plugins, and page builders to the audience.

Since my teenage, I am curious about Coding, Web Development, and technology.

So, in the lockdown period, in 2020, having some extra time, I started learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

After learning 1 year of Front-end Web Development, I started my blogging & affiliate marketing journey.

As a beginner, I started my career with Blogger, a free hosted platform by Google.

Then, I shifted to WordPress, the best content management system(CMS) on the internet.

I read lots of blog articles of successful bloggers and affiliate marketers like Neil Patel, Kulwant Nagi, Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, Brian Dean.

In my mind, I’ve always had that idea of building a business, creating something on my own.

According to this generation, it is hard to get succeeded in life Without doing any job. However, I never believe this assumption.

I got the opportunity of doing something creative that is Affiliate Marketing and Blogging to serve society.

Naturally, It’s been a good journey, and I am still learning. Also, there are lots of things to learn and improve.

I also have a massive community of Digital Marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and WordPress users. We help each other to serve the blogger community and also those visitors visiting my website for solutions to their problems.

Briefly, I am a Creative Tech Blog Writer. After learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript, I get into WordPress Website design and development. I generally publish quick fixes and reviews of different WordPress themes.

I hope my content will add some value to your life.