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How did I Learn Blog Writing?

Learning blog writing was challenging and enjoyable.

As I told you in the first guide, I am passionate about writing. So writing content was not hard for me. 

But when it comes to blog writing, it requires more skills and technique. The reason is at the end of the day you want your blog to get up first page ranking and top position on Google SERP.

Differences between Normal Writing and Blog Writing?

Writing a diary and writing a blog is totally different. The reason is when you are writing a diary you are the subject and writing only about your own problems. And, you will only consume the content.

Now, in blog writing you are not the subject, but your audience are. And people from all over the world will read your content. Therefore, if your content doesn’t provide the reasons why an unknown person will go through your content, your whole writing will be a total waste of time.

It means your writing must provide solutions to your audience that they are looking for. Then, they will value your content. Also, there are commercial purposes like monetizing your blog through Google adsense, doing affiliate marketing etc.

How did I Learn the Techniques of Blog Writing?

Learning blog writing is very easy nowadays provided you know proper English grammar. Yes, writing kat to cut English is the challenging thing for everyone who has fiers to be a content writer.

If you have proper English skills, you can assume you have mastered 80% of content writing. 

Of course, there are other aspects in blog writing like

  • Creating Catchy Title,
  • Structuring the blog post,
  • Including the Keywords,
  • Proper SEO optimized paragraphs, 
  • Using power words,
  • Creating amazing introductions and conclusions, etc.

All these techniques can be learned very easily and in a very short period of time. All you need is just practice.

From Where will You Learn the Techniques of Blog Writing?

Now, what are the right sources from where you will learn all the SEO writing related stuff to improve your writing skills?

This part is very easy. There are hundreds of websites, blogs, YouTube channels, social media channels and paid courses from where you can learn every single thing about content writing.

Here I will share some of those sources

    • Niel Patel (YouTube)
    • Brian Dean (YouTube)

From all these mediums, not only can you learn the basics of blog writing but you can reach the level of a professional. 

Personally I used to read those blog posts and watch those videos on a regular basis and note down the points. After that, I used to include all those points in my writing.

That’s how I have learnt blog writing. 

Here I want to add a person point that is 

  • Still I try to enhance my grammar skills and all other aspects of SEO writing the way I tried to improve my skills as a very beginner.