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Read My Freelance Content Writing Journey

How did I Start My Freelance Writing Journey?

Choosing Freelance Content Writing was a casual decision for me. I didn’t know the potential of it at that time. But now, I do know the opportunities in this field. Read the whole story of how I came across freelance content writing.

How did I Learn Blog Writing?

Learning Blog Writing was challenging. I had to research a lot to learn and master the techniques of SEO writing. Read how I learned blog writing and ranked multiple posts on the first page of Google SERP within one month.

How did I Learn SEO?

Ouch. This part is a bit technical, as Search Engine Optimization means orienting your website to rank higher on the SERP. For that, one has to learn On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, and Site SEO. Click here to learn SEO.

How did I Get Professional Clients?

This part is crucial, and it single-handedly decides whether you will make money from your skills or not. There are manifold content writers in the world. But hardly a few get good clients as well as a good payout. So read this guide to know how to get good clients and how I have got clients.

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