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How To Start A Parenting Mom Blog: 2022 Infographic Ultimate Guide

Are you a mommy and a housewife looking for a way to generate some extra money?

If so, then breathe easy and feel relaxed because you are at the right place.

According to the stats of 2016, in the city areas, 21% of minimalist moms stay at home and take care of their children.

However, in small towns and rural areas, the percentage is pretty high, from 30% to 35%.

Whether a mother is working in the office or a housewife, she always seeks knowledge, tips, and experience from a champion mother to raise their child. 

At this time, your parenting blog will come into play to fulfill the demand on the market. Mothers from all over the world go to Google to learn about parenting.

So, just create a website and serve them through your parenting blog.

So, let’s create a parenting blog easily within an hour. 😀

What Is A Mom Blog or Parenting Blog?

First, let’s understand that a blog means a website containing some web pages and unlimited posts that are updated from time to time by the owner of the website. 

There are millions and billions of blogs on the internet related to technology, health, computer science, business, cryptocurrency, etc. 

Each blog covers one single topic that is also called niche and provides valuable information from time to time by creating blog posts.

Here, a mom blog or parenting blog means you particularly share information through your 

post about:

  • Motherhood.
  • Preg.
  • Women Health.
  • Taking care of children.
  • And other household things.
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Therefore, in a mom blog, you gather all the solutions to problems related to the mothership and that is your niche.

You also can call it a micro-niche because you are targeting a small domain of the market.

How to create a mom, parenting blog like Faust Island Parenting Blog?
  1. Your modern family.
  2. Scary mom.
  3. Motherly.
  4. Honest mum.
  5. About a Mom.
  6. Mom Generations.
  7. Easy baby life.
  8. Working mother.
  9. Moments a day.
  10. Mom spark.
  11. Stay at home mum.
  12. Modern day mum.
  13. Moms rising blog.
  14. Preg chicken.
  15. Rookie moms.

7 Benefits Of Starting A Parenting Blog?

You are Not Alone as a woman and also as a mother. There are millions of mothers on the Internet who are looking for solutions for raising a family. 

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Therefore, if you start a blog, you will be building a like-minded community of mothers.

And, that community will provide you lots of benefits mentally, and financially.

1. Discard boredom from your life

Who doesn’t want an exciting and energetic life?

Being a mother and housewife, it gets very difficult to go out there and have fun with others.

But when you start a blog, there is an adventurous journey as you will be creating your website and sharing your own life experience and journey.

Very soon The readers and viewers will get connected with you. And you will get a like-minded community of mothers.

Start your #mom_blog and make a successful carrier.😀

2. No headache from household work

You can start your parenting, mom blog while managing your household work. You can open your laptop or PC anytime and start managing your blog.

Even, there are some bloggers who maintain their blogging journey just by using a smartphone.

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3. Generate passive income

Blogging is a pure business. Although, in the beginning, it takes lots of time and energy to start a blog.

After a few months, when you build a community of readers, there are only Golden days.

You can monetize your website in several ways. Besides, there are some affiliate programs about parenting that you can join and make a good commission.

4. Journey of learning

Life means learning. If you are not learning, you are dead.

When you start a blog. You have to learn a few technical things like setting up and designing your website and writing topics by your hand. 

That’s how you will be upgrading yourself in your blogging journey.

5. Not a 24/7 hassle

Self-made. Self-paid.

You can do blogging from anywhere at any time whenever you want. There is no pressure from your boss. You are the owner of everything. 

You can even get someone to write your articles. 

6. Worldwide reach

Starting something on the Internet means you will get the opportunity to explore the whole world.

Whether your blog is on a website on YouTube or an Instagram page, you will reach from all over the world.

7. A successful life

Success means you are doing something that you love and also getting some revenue.

Start your #parenting_blog and make a successful carrier.😀

If you love the subject of parenting, managing a family, taking care of children, and educating them, then you are a perfect candidate for a successful mom, and parent blog.

And, don’t worry about the outcome, there is no limitation in making money after starting a blog.

Best Parenting Blogs in USA 2022

How Can I Start a Mom Blog in 2022?

A blog will be the best way to share your own opinions where you will serve the whole women and parent community.

As technology is updating, the number of internet users is going up and it will be growing until the last day of the earth. 

So, you can simply sense that there is a good opportunity to start a parenting blog.

Now, one question arrives: do I have to learn to program?

Do you have to learn coding and technical things for starting a mom blog in 2022?

The answer is no. Not at all provided if you choose a perfect website builder platform and a perfect website hosting company.

The best thing is that, on the internet, there are unlimited tools out there with which you can manage your whole website in no time without any hassle.

How To Start A Mon Making Mom Blog on Instagram in 2022?

Blogging means there are unlimited ways to earn. Whether you are in the business, health niche, or parenting, there are no fewer ways of generating a good amount of revenue.

And, the best part of online earning is if you invest your valuable time for a few years, it will be generating hundreds to thousands of dollars every month in a passive way.

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The ways you can monitor is through your mom, parenting blog:

  • Ad.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Selling your guides or course.
  • Promotion.
  • Guest posting.

All you have to do is to create a professionally branded website for your mom blog.

20 Mom Blog Niche, Topic Ideas in 2022?

There is a high demand for parenting topics that can make a mom blogger successful.

Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting for 
your mom blog
  1. Family blog.
  2. fitness for mom.
  3. Housewife mom.
  4. Parenting Twins.
  5. Raising and educating baby
  6. Newborn baby.
  7. Preg women.
  8. Baby activities
  9. Breastfeeding advice.
  10. Baby health.
  11. Childbirth and mom care.
  12. Weight loss for mom.
  13. Money-making ideas for moms.
  14. Mental health for mom.
  15. Job opportunities for Housewives.
  16. Lifestyle for moms.
  17. Cooking and recipes for babies.
  18. Homeschooling blog.
  19. Life of a new mom.
  20. Time management for moms.

How To Start A Mom Blog on Instagram In 2022 in India?

There are unlimited, different platforms where you can start your parenting or mom blog:

  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • YouTube.
  • Quora.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Medium.
  • Websites.

The foremost thing you have to do is to create an Insta page, but particularly for creating a parenting blog on Insta, you have to focus on one topic.

You can’t target multiple topics because it’s a business page, not a personal account. You cannot post irrelevant images, reels, or videos on it.

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Furthermore, you have to share information, knowledge, and your life experiences about parenting, taking care of children, and household work, all these things by sharing images, stories, and videos.

But, there is one problem, you cannot monetize those properly.

The solution is to build a personal, branded website, then you get full freedom of generating a lot of revenue.

Besides, you can add your website URL on all those social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc, and increase traffic.

How To Start A Mom Blog on Pinterest In USA 2022?

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for a mom blog, as this social media platform is mostly used by women in the USA, Canada, UK.

Not only that, there are thousands of female creators who are driving millions of traffic and budding their businesses.

Create Pins on Pinterest:

Creating pins, packed with informative content, is the first step to getting traffic to your blog.

On Pinterest, Women looking for solutions related to parenthood, child care, motherhood, etc.

At that time, if you share instructive pins there is a high chance that those pins will be shared, viewed, and pinned.

Tools We Used To Help Us Start Our Mom Blog?

Look, you are not a programmer, and neither there is any requirement to learn this. You are a blogger and as a blogger, you have to manage lots of work.

That takes lots of time.

But there are some tools that will replace the coding work and improve your productivity level.

  • Laptop, Pc, or Mobile.
  • Social Media Pages.
  • Domain & Hosting.
  • Website Builder.
  • Page builder.
  • Pre Built Website.
  • Theme, and template
  • Child Theme.
  • Plugins.

How To Start A Mom Blog And Make Money in 10 Steps?

Now we will be creating our mom blog in 10 steps. 

How To Start A Parenting Blog in UK and Canada 2022– The Ultimate Guide

How can I start a parenting blog in Canada UK?

  1. Make a plan
  2. Target your audience
  3. Branded domain
  4. Reliable hosting
  5. Website builder
  6. Website theme
  7. Page builder
  8. Customization
  9. SEO Plugins
  10. Launch your blog

1. Make a plan

First of all, before starting your website choose your micro-niche, and have shared 20 parenting ideas.

Google values more micro niche websites because they are looking for genuine content creators and value providers.

Start your #mommy_blog and make revenue.😀

In fact, there is a great benefit that you have to focus on only a narrow field, not a broad niche.

2. Target Your Audience

Now do market research by using keyword research tools like ahref, Semrush

All you have to do is to go there and type your knees on the keyword explorer page. You will get all those topic ideas that people are searching for along with the countries

The best part is that a keyword research tool provides information on country-specific topics.

3. Decide a Branded Domain Name for Your Mom Blog

Domain makes the website visible and readable for the users. You always have to choose a branded domain name to make your blog successful.

We recommend Bluehost domain registered company. They provide top-class domain names with professional domain extensions like .com, .org, and .net.

Wait, there is an offer for you. If you choose Bluehost premium hosting plans. They provide a .com domain for 1 year absolutely for free.

4. Reliable hosting:

Hosting is an online service that lets us upload our website files like images, articles, codes, and videos.

Using a server, we can make our website accessible to visitors around the world.

For a server, you need to choose a reliable and powerful web hosting company like Bluehost.

They are a wordpress recommended hosting provider and offer amazing premium hosting plans.

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5. Website builder

A website builder is a platform by which you design and set up your website without writing any single code.

There are several website builder platforms

  • Blogger
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento

What Is The Best Website Builder for Creating a Mom Blog or Parenting Blog?

Parenting Blog Best Practices in 20022 USA, India, Canada, Uk

We recommend WordPress. It is powerful software, and there is:

  • No requirements for doing technical things, you just have to click on a few options.
  • It is absolutely free.
  • It offers free tools like themes, plugins, and page builders.
  • Powerful community.
  • Amazing developer support.

Even my website is built on the WordPress platform. But, go for not .com.

Don't get confused between and

6. WordPress theme

A website theme changes the whole look and feel of your website. So you need to choose a perfect dashing, SEO friendly theme.

Modern Housewife

Choose your blogging platform for mom blog in 2022

Modern Housewife is the best WordPress theme for a mom blog. It is lightweight and fulfills all the requirements of a parenting blog.


  • Free Lifetime update.
  • 6 Months of Tech Support.
  • Child Theme.
  • Premium Plugins.
  • Detail documentation.
  • User-friendly page builder.

Happy Baby

Best template, theme for a mom, parenting blog in 2022

Happy Baby is our second choice. It has all the features that you need for a mom blog. Also, it comes with a handy cost.

7. SEO Plugins

As a new website owner, you are not going to get thousands of visitors on a very fast day. You need to wait for a few months.

But, if you use powerful SEO plugins, that wait will soon end.

8. Launch your site

Now, a few things you have to do to index your site on Google.

  • Rob txt file.
  • S map.
  • search console.

You can do all these important things by using the Rankmath SEO plugin.

One last tip: Create content regularly and open social media accounts on popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit and share your blog.

9. Page builder

A page builder is a tool by which you can design any part of your website from a page to a post.

Elementor is a free and top-class page builder used by millions of WordPress users.

10. Customization

Sometimes your WordPress theme does not come with some features or designs that you want at the time, you need to learn to code to add those changes.

  • A Child theme.
Read more about the child themes from our separate guide.
  • Custom CSS plugins.
Read more about custom CSS plugins from our guide

But, if you use a child theme or custom CSS plugin, you can add modifications to your site without code.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why & How did I start a parenting blog?

    As a woman, you need to find your passion, or else you will be doing the same household work until you die. Blogging is anytime, anywhere work, Also, it offers lots of opportunity and growth. That is why you may start a blog about being a woman or mom.

  • Decide the focus of Your Mom Blog?

    You need to choose a perfect niche and learn SEO Then, you can grow your blog. It is not that hard. Psychology says women have more patience than men. Yes, women are also growing in the blogging field.

  • Can Your Parenting Mom Blog Be A Full-Time Job?

    Yes, whether you are a housewife or doing any job, you can take your mom or parenting blog as a carrier. There are lots of growth possibilities that will replace any 9 to 5 job. Also, it provides time and money freedom.


So, we gave a detailed description of how to create a mom blog in 20022.

Yes, there are lots of opportunities here in the blogging field. All you have to do is to give some important time and energy.

So, comment below, when are you going to create a mom blog?

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