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Amplify Your Digital Footprint with Compelling SEO & Visual Content

B2C Writer-SEO-WordPress Expert-Blogger-Visual Content Desgnier

3 Years of Experience in WordPress, SEO, Blogging, and Inbound Marketing. Worked for 5 Companies. Wrote 95+ contents. Let’s collaborate and write something extraordinary.

My Story

Hey folks,

I’m an English graduate from Katwa College, currently pursuing my M.A. in English at Burdwan University, West Bengal. My journey into the online world began post-graduation in 2021, as I delved into different avenues seeking my passion.

Starting with web development basics like HTML and CSS, I soon realized coding wasn’t my forte. That’s when I stumbled upon content writing, a realm that instantly captivated me.

Being an avid reader of English literature throughout college, blogging felt like a natural progression. Drawing from my love for literature and years of diary writing, I decided to launch

With a shared hosting plan from HOSTARMADA and a knack for WordPress customization, I curated a niche focusing on building websites with WordPress CMS. With meticulous SEO strategies and keyword research, I’ve published 30 blog posts, 7 of which grace Google’s first page, with 3 securing top-three positions.

This success paved the way for collaborations with seasoned digital marketers. To date, I’ve crafted over 95 articles on diverse topics, honing my skills and expanding my network. Here are my clients:

Why Would You Believe Me?

8 blog posts of are ranking on Google’s first page. And, I attained this higher ranking through the adept implementation of research proficiency, captivating writing techniques, and SEO-friendly content.

Remarkable Things:

  • I have ranked these posts in the top position on Google SERP without using any backlinks.
  • My site DA (Domain Authority) is only 4. Yet, my blogs rank in the top position on Google SERP over High Authority sites like:,,, etc.
  • Several posts have got the first-page rank within one week.

This is’s Google Search Console data. Though I am not currently active, my posts are on the first page and get clicks and impressions regularly.

Our Amazing Clients

What People Are Saying About Me

Krishna is a master of writing Statistical Articles; his research skills are amazing. And, he delivers content fast.

Kulwant Nagi 🇮🇳

Famous Affiliate Marketer. Founder of Affiliate Booster, a WordPress Gutenberg plugin. 

Recommendation: Krishna is a talented writer who creates easy-to-read content on topics that can be challenging to understand if you don’t have any prior knowledge of it. His work is well-researched and enjoyable to read. Krishna is also great to work with as he’s professional and friendly. As a fellow writer, I value qualities such as passion for a topic and the skills needed to create original content. Krishna is able to utilize both of these qualities to create quality content that any reader can benefit from.

Natasha Joubert 🇿🇦

Professional Non-fiction Freelance Content Writer

I collaborated with Krishna Nath, impressed by their SEO expertise and content quality. He researched my industry, produced on-brand content, and improved visitor engagement, boosting lead conversions.

Noah D. Roth

Social Media Marketing Company in Germany: MambaSocial.Com

Krishna is a hardworking prolific writer of thorough blogs and articles that cut straight to the point and tell the reader what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.”

Jordan Cooper 🇺🇲

Former Lead Content Writer of Super Purposes (USA)

Getting the best writer who can write according to your needs and requirements is very tough these days. Luckily I found Krishna and the content he provided is up to the mark. Clear, crisp, and A1 content with on-time delivery. This type of writer is very less in the market where you don’t have to guide anything about the way of writing, just give your topic, and he will give you the best output.

 Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj 🇮🇳

Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, SEO Expert, and YouTuber, Founder of BloggingQnA.COM

Whenever I need some high-quality content for my own blogs and guest posting, Krishna is always one of my top 3 preferences.

Shrey Kajaria 🇮🇳

Content Marketer and founder of

The writing skill of Krishna Nath is very thought-provoking and always beneficial. His hard work is reflected in his content. You must choose him if you are looking for a creative freelance content writer.

Faraz Rajput 🇮🇳

Founder of

Krishna’s unique writing with clear-cut meaning mesmerizes me. I am extremely happy with the service of Krishna. He delivers the content on time, following the guidelines mentioned, and never disappoints with his skills.

Satyam Vishwakarma 🇮🇳

Affiliate Marketer, Founder Of

What LinkedIn Professionals & HRs Are Saying About Me:

Features & Services

I Normally Write On

  • WordPress & Other CMS
  • SEO
  • Statistics Articles
  • Digital Product Review
  • Home Decoration
  • Sound Proofing
  • Social Media Update & Technology
  • Packing and Moving Goods
  • And Many More Topics

Some Of My Designed Graphics

I’m Skilled In The Following Tools

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Blogger

Keyword Research Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • The Hoth
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Answer The Public

SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • RankMath
  • Moz

Content Editing Tools

  • Google Doc
  • Grammarly
  • ProWritingAid
  • Ginger Software
  • Hemingway Editor

AI Tools

  • ChatGPT
  • Gemini AI
  • Claude AI
  • Perplexity AI

Graphic Design Tools

  • Figma
  • Canva
  • FreePik

Content Optimization Tools

  • Nuronwriter
  • Frase
  • MarketMuse
  • ProWritingAid

As a Remote Content Writer, I’m Skilled in Project Management Tools

  • Nifty: Project Management
  • Notion
  • Google Drive

Some Of My Written Articles

My YouTube Channel on SEO, Blogging, Content Writing, AGI Tools

Social Media Profiles

My Hobbies

In my leisure time, I enjoy being in nature and photographing its incredible wildlife with my camera.

Here are some clicks taken by me. My Instagram Photography Page: CLICK Here.

I read different books to enhance my skills and think more clearly. Such as

  • Financial Books
  • Startup & Business
  • Motivational Books
  • Biographies,
  • Spiritual Books, etc.

Especially, I love to read those books that are about Human Psychology.

I struggled with mental health as a teenager due to a difficult childhood. My lack of confidence and positive attitude affected my personal and professional life. Meditation and spirituality were my salvation. I now practice meditation, yoga, and workouts regularly to stay fit and energetic.

Contact Me

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