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About Krishna Nath

Hi there, myself Krishna Nath. I am a Blogger, Affiliate marketer. Freelance writer, Content Marketer, Reader, and Athlete.

I love reading English Literature. Especially the Romantic Literature. My few favorite writers are Rabindranath Tagore, William Wordsworth, P.B. Shelley, etc. After graduation, I started blogging, content writing, and my Digital Entrepreneurship journey.

Being health conscious, I do yoga, meditation, and running daily.

My Story

Hi friends,

My name is Krishna Nath. I am the owner of WP Theme Monk. I am an English graduate from Katwa College and doing an M.A. in English at Burdwan University (West Bengal, India). 

I got into the make-money-online industry just after graduating in October 2020. At that time, I was trying to explore different sectors of this industry just to find my passion.

In the beginning, I started with web development. I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and front-end web development. But, I was not enjoying coding. Then, I tried blog writing. And got some interest.

As a literature lover who used to read and write a lot about poems, novels, and essays, I became so excited and obsessed with content writing. 

Then, I decided to start my own website and launched this website in November 2021. 

Till now, I have uploaded 30 blog posts on WordPress niche by doing proper keyword research, and SEO. 8 posts out of them are ranking on Google’s first page. 3 of them are in the top three positions on Google SERP.

My target was doing blogging and affiliate marketing on it. That’s why I applied for affiliate approval. And guess what? Every affiliate company approved my site within 1 or 2 days. 

Now, the main point: My experience in content writing as a freelancer. After March 2022, I started working as a freelance writer.

Till now, I have worked with:

  • Kulwant Nagi
  • Faraz Rajput
  • Shrey Kajaria
  • Subrat Kumar

Why Would You Believe Me?

Here are some of my posts ranking on Google’s first page. And the best thing is that: my writing technique, SEO-friendly content, and perfect English helped me achieve that.

Amazing Things:

  • I have ranked these posts in the top position on Google SERP without using any backlink.
  • My site DA (Domain Authority) is only 4. My blogs are still ranking on Google SERP over High Authority sites like:,,, etc.
  • Several posts get the first-page rank within 20 to 30 days.


Performance on Google Search Console:

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This is’s Google Search Console’s data. Though I am not active on that blog, posts still get clicks and impressions as they rank on Google’s first page.

Our Amazing Clients

Here are some professionals that I have worked for.

“Whenever I need some high-quality content for my own blogs and guest posting, Krishna is always one of my top 3 preferences.”

Shrey Kajaria

YouTuber, Blogger, Content Marketer

I read Krishna’s blogs regularly. His unique writing with clear-cut meaning mesmerizes me. His every content compromises relevant and important information that fulfill
everyone’s requirements.

Anita Sarkar

Social Media Content Creator

“I am extremely happy with the service of Krishna. He delivers the content on time following the guideline mentioned and never disappoints with his skills.”

Faraz Rajput

Full-Time Blogger

The writing skill of Krishna Nath is very thought-provoking and always beneficial. The hard work is reflected in his contents. You must choose him if you are looking for a creative freelance content writer.

Mouli Dutta,

Masters in English Literature

“I prefer Krishna Nath to other writers as he writes with clarity, and his rich grammar and vocabulary make his writing unique.”

Avijit Roy

Bachelor In English

Our Services

My Hobbies

Whenever I get time, I do mediation and spend time in nature to enjoy the solitude.

I love wildlife and capturing them with my camera. For this, I travel to different places in India.

As a literature student, reading essays, novels, and fictional stories was a common thing for me.

But after graduation, I started reading self-help, non-fictional, financial, and motivational books that enhance our thinking power, creativity, and productivity.