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How did I Start My Freelance Writing Journey?

It was unexpected and sudden!

Yes, it was. I started my make-money online journey with blogging. I launched my blog in November 2021, thinking that I would rank my blog posts on Google and earn from Google AdSense.

Also, I have that idea in the back of my mind that I will do affiliate marketing. That’s why I choose WordPress niche.

My Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Journey?

At the beginning, this blogging and affiliate marketing journey seemed a bit hard for me. The reason is I had to manage hundreds of things at a time.

  • Managing domain and hosting,
  • Designing the whole website,
  • Managing Google Search Console,
  • Submitting robots.txt files,
  • Applying for Affiliate Approval,
  • Creating all the Relevant Pages like About Us,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Analysing The Competitors, etc.

But when I started doing the writing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 😀

Yes, it took a whole week to create my first blog post. But, I really enjoyed the process of writing. ✍️

Then, I discovered I am passionate about writing. Not on other stuff like designing the website, managing hosting etc.
Steve Jobs: Connecting The Dots.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
– Steve Jobs

During my college days, I used to write diary a lot. The reason was I had no good friends at all. Though I had a few, I used to feel lonely. Also, there were some issues in my family. Hence, I started writing my thoughts in the diary. 😔

Now, that unknowing writing practice of those college days is still providing the strength in the present day. 💪

That’s how I connected the first dot of writing a diary regularly to writing blogs on a regular basis and ranking those on Google.

Romance with Romantic Literature of English

  • Well, I took the English Language as a subject in my graduation. And that was one of the best decisions in my life simply because that Romantic Poetry by English Writers like
    William Wordsworth,
  • John Keats,
  • PB Shelly,
  • Robert Frost,
  • William Shakespeare,
  • Oscar Wilde etc.

They really have got into my head. 😇

Here I am about to mention a few name of those poetries, plays and essays:

  • Ode to Autumn. – by John Keats.
  • Ode to the West Wind. – by PB Shelley.
  • Ode to Evening. – by William Collins.
  • Dover Beach. – by Matthew Arnold.
  • Everyman in his Humor. – by Ben Jonson.
  • The Rape of the Lock. – by Alexander Pope.

These works of English literature influenced my whole body and made me drink the sweetest feelings of being solitude in nature and enjoying your own company. 🏞️💕

Because of all these things, I became more interested in reading and writing English.

Next, after completing my graduation, I started doing freelance writing and blogging. 😄